Great homemade donuts

Remember those donuts from your childhood? You can still get them here.  Hot, sweet and full of flavor.  But get there early as they do runout. This is a great small town diner run by locals and the food is good, very good.

The Portions are large and the staff is friendly and the service is fast.  It was nice to see all the locals who obviously are regular customers.  Nothing fancy about this place, its a diner.  But I will keep coming back as long as the waistline can stand it.



Keylargo, Florida


My kids love the donuts

It has become a Saturday morning tradition for me to load the kids in the car and go to the Donut Dinette and get donuts.

Karen W

Locus, NC

I eat here all the time

I could not imagine eating anywhere else in Albemarle.  Be it breakfast or lunch, the food is amazing and the staff is very friendly.  Doug has done a great job!!!!!!!

Kevin T

Albemarle, NC


What our customers are saying


A great way to start my day.

I can't think of no better way to start my work day than at the Donut Dinette.  The serivce is not only fast but the food is great.  The waitstaff is very friend.


Scott C

Albemarle, NC